For Neha and her friends, a magical new storybook is breaking the walls that surround them.

Now it is your turn to write one for them.

A different kind of Story

Hi! I am Sanjukt. I write in Medium, and sometimes on Twitter.

I knew a boy. His name is Gannu. He lived in a pink house near the railway station in Delhi. One day, his teacher read him a story at school about how plastic harms the world. Gannu was sad that day. His home was harming the world.

UNHCR Item No 2617 is a tent. The UNICEF has a standard for it. Waterproof, rotproof and UV-resistant reinforced plastic tarpaulin designed for long outdoor use in all climates. Made of woven HDPE fiber, laminated on both sides with LDPE coating to maintain sheltering capacities for one year.

Fire retardant is optional. The UN loves blue. However, near the railway station in Delhi, Makoko in Lagos and Yida in Sudan, blue is not the preferred color for tents. It is yellow. Sometimes pink.

For Gannu and many children like him, the storybook is broken.

Join us to fix it.

Hi! I am Amy. I am an Editor at The WALLOBOOKS Project. I am from Perth, Australia. I write on Medium too :)

The toughest act in what we do is to illustrate as good as the children for whom we make these books. This year I am doing a fair amount of drawing myself. But about that, some other time!

People join us from all over the world. We have different languages, different backgrounds, different stories amongst us. What binds us together is a passion for children, stories and education and this movement to write for the children of the world.

This month, I liked stories written by -- Holly Jahangiri, Theodore Key, Andy Stonehouse, Lelanie Boulle, Drizia Bolanos, Vicky Prokopi, Roxanna Azimy, Maria Luiza Ferreira de Rezende, Dascha Paylor and Anja Venter.

I look forward to work with you.

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