A letter for
you, from all of us here.

A letter for you, from all of us here.

Welcome to our big corner of the universe.

This is a letter from all of us here, for you. We are going to tell you what you can do together with us.

But before that, we ask you to pause for a moment. Stop, and think about why you are reading this. All the books we have read, shared and lived by – they made us who we are today, at this very moment. They brought you here. Now, imagine living in a blue tent with your family and at school, reading a story about how plastic is harmful to the world.

Storybooks don't have to be broken.
Children live in such tents in communities that we walk past every day in our neighbourhood, city and country. They live in Delhi, Dacca and Lagos as well as in conflict zones in the Sudan.

The UNHCR has a code for it.
Item Nr. 2617. Waterproof, rotproof and UV-resistant reinforced plastic tarpaulin designed for long outdoor use in all climates. Made of woven HDPE fiber, laminated on both sides with LDPE coating to maintain sheltering capacities for one year. Fire retardant is optional.

The UN loves blue.
A line of six UNHCR logos must be printed on both sides of the sheet. Typeface Helvetica Bold. Color Pantone Blue 300 CMYK C = 100 % M= 45 % Y=0 % K=0%. Across the five meter side, placed one meter from the bottom edge of the five meter side. The combined height of the emblem and logo is 55 cm.

Near the railway station in Delhi, Makoko in Lagos and Yida in Sudan — blue, is not the preferred color for tents. It is yellow. Sometimes pink.

And 55 cm is what you cut to make a window.

We need a different kind of storybook.
A storybook that anybody can write. A storybook that is real, human and irreverent. One, that is always not a fairy tale. It should cost nothing. It can be written by people like you and us, and the hundreds of children we serve. It needs only a single sheet of paper. It has eight pages of magic inside.

Experience it for yourself.

What you can
do together with us?
If you are a writer, we invite you to join a remarkable movement to write magical storybooks for children in adversity. Anybody can write and remember, our storybooks need just a single sheet of paper. If you are a teacher, you can mail us to find out how we can support your work in your classroom. and help you innovate, learn and grow yourself.If you are a Parent, you can sign-up to a brave, new way of discovery for your child and become a part of a movement of hope for other children in adversity. It is free for every kid. If you are a scientist, musician, artist or engineer, request an invitation to the Re:Imagine Paper Slack Community and help us break the walls that surround our children, with your ingenuity.
Thank you
for giving us time.
You can schedule a call with us, meet our team and see how we are re:imagining paper in a simple movement for hope for the children of the world.

We founded The WALLOBOOKS Project in 2014.

Over the years we have struggled to create an ethics-driven global Not for Profit. Our vision is a world where children are capable agents of change for their families.

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Running a frugal organization is an unforgiving journey. We hope you will become a part of what we are striving to achieve.